“With the Synesthetic Octet Porgy & Bess presents a stage-band whose members are all aspiring and promising representatives of the young Austrian jazz-scene” Music Austria (mica)

The Synesthetic Octet is an Austrian band founded by the composer, musician and bandleader Vincent Pongrácz. The name of the band is inspired by the composer Olivier Messiaen who him self was an synesthete.

2013, the ensemble reached its present lineup during a series of concerts in Vienna’s jazz club “Porgy & Bess”. The members come from diverse genres like contemporary classical music, Jazz and Hip Hop. Willfulness, subtlety and an artistic spirit of independence that the musicians share unifies the band and takes shape in the compositions of the bandleader.





Vincent Pongracz – Clarinet, Compositions

Doris Nicoletti – Flutes

Clemens Salesny – Bassclarinet, Stritch

Richard Köster – Trumpet

Alois Eberl – Trombone

Peter Rom – Guitar

Manu Mayr – E-Bass, Double Bass

Lukas König – Drums



Renee Benson – Vocals

Astrid Wiesinger – Saxophone

Hubert Bründlmayer – Drums

Michael Prowaznik – Drums


Martin Ruch – Sound Engineer

David Furrer – Sound Engineer

Markus Wallner – Sound Engineer